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Crescent House Battered Women Services Program: A New Approach Responding to Battered Women's Needs in the Midst of a Catastrophe

Responding to battered women's needs in the midst of a catastrophe In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Few people could understand the devastation to individuals, families, community networks, property and the culture of New Orleans. There were many social ills and challenges that were either created or exacerbated due to the storm; and domestic violence was among them. In this story about Crescent House, a domestic violence program for Battered Women, we learn how to respond to the needs of battered women in the midst of a natural disaster.

What we learn is that Crescent House workers were victims of the storm as well as the battered women that they served. We also learned that being a victim of the storm heightened Crescent House staffs' sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of battered women and how they defined help. This video provides an example for domestic violence service providers of how to think outside the box regarding service provision; and outlines lessons learned from working in the context of a natural disaster that are transferable to other communities that are experiencing challenges.

A film by the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community in partnership with Crescent House Battered Women's Services.