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IDVAAC works side-by-side with communities, conducts research and disseminates its findings through a variety of mediums, such as training videos, reports, fact sheets, newsletters and online trainings. Through various multimedia, IDVAAC seeks to augment the current body of information that addresses domestic violence in African American communities. IDVAAC’s biannual newsletter, Assembling the Pieces, highlights IDVAAC’s work, spotlights researchers and practitioners, and draws attention to promising practices in the field. IDVAAC’s publications can be printed or viewed on-line with Adobe Acrobat Reader™. Hard copies can be obtained by calling 1-877-NIDVAAC or through requesting using our online order form

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IDVAAC’s video-based educational resources such as DVDs inform a wide variety of stakeholders – legal and criminal justice systems professionals, family and community violence practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and concerned individuals – around efforts to build the knowledge base regarding African Americans and domestic violence and to develop strategies to meet the service needs of this population. These video products can also be obtained by calling 1-877-NIDVAAC or through requesting using our online order form. We hope you find these products informative and useful as you seek to enhance you knowledge regarding domestic violence and other intersecting issues.

IDVAAC publications represent a major contribution to the evolving literature on domestic violence among African Americans. These publicatons offer useful information for practitioners, policy makers, and researchers concerned about domestic violence in African American communities. For practitioners, these publications explore issues related to barriers and challenges to accessing formal services and community perceptions of formal service providers. Practitioners can use these reports to gain a better understanding of the range of issues that intersect with domestic violence and ultimately impact the effectiveness domestic violence intervention. These reports also offer strategies as to how to address some of these issues on the individual and community levels.