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A Journey to Healing: Finding the Path

IDVAAC in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, held its 2009 national conference

Artistic performances helped tell stories of healing

IDVAAC goes to great lengths to incorporate song, dance and poetry into its conferences as an innovative way to share its research related to domestic violence.

First-hand accounts shared in panel discussions

The conference featured a panel of formerly battered women who shared their personal accounts of victimization and affirmed that enduring the abuse was not the end of their story.

Former wife of ‘DC sniper’ offers hope for healing

Mildred Muhammad, former wife of “D.C. Sniper” John Allen Muhammad, shared her personal struggle of domestic violence

Getting Out, Coming Home:

From the Penitentiary to the Community

Finding the path with Shirl Q. Regan

Shirl has been a good friend and teacher since the early ‘80s.

Respecting UK

Global perspectives on dealing with domestic violence

IDVAAC Conference 2009

A Journey to Healing: Finding the Path

Collaboration and culturally specific approaches to DV in Detroit

A Journey to Healing: Finding the Path

After Katrina

Crisis forces shelters to be even more responsive to victims

Abusers Transformed:

Men must look within to end the cycle of violence

IDVAAC 2005 Forum:

Safe Return from prison depends on dealing with issues of anger and control

Dr. Carolyn West

‘Still on the Auction Block’ gives historical context to sexual exploitation of black women

Seniors and domestic violence:

Social service providers must reach out to help growing senior population

IDVAAC consults on New Orleans visitation center

Before the storm, a local YWCA provided a visitation center for families to meet in a secure and accepting environment.

My Girlfriend Did It:

Considering the effects of domestic violence within lesbian relationships

The Journey Toward Healing:

how we can help survivors of domestic violence

‘Love is Respect’

Hotline uses technology to reach teens.

Spring Conference Highlights:

Civil rights successes inform movement to end domestic violence

Bakari Kitwana

Corporate interests have driven domestic violence in Hip Hop music

Video Reviews

‘I Am A Man’:

Book Reviews

I Will Survive:

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