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Linner GriffinLinner Ward Griffin, Ed.D., ACSW, LCSW
School of Social Work
Associate Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

Dr. Linner Ward Griffin is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at East Carolina University (ECU), where her primary responsibilities lie in the area of Academic Programs. Dr. Griffin also has served the university as the Director of the School of Communication in the College of Fine Arts and Communication and as the Dean of the School of Social Work and Criminal Justice Studies. She is the Associate Director for Educational Programs in the Center on Aging at ECU. As such, she is the academic advisor for students from various academic units in the university who pursue the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology or choose the undergraduate minor in gerontology. She developed and/or has taught introductory courses in gerontology, perspectives on death and dying, group counseling for the aged, and readings classes in gerontology. Dr. Griffin's gerontological research and publications are in the areas of elder abuse/elder maltreatment and adult protective services. She also has conducted research studies and is published in the area of organ transplantation.

A professor in the School of Social Work in the College of Human Ecology , Dr. Griffin has more than twenty years' experience in social work practice with individuals, families, and groups in health, mental health, and geriatric settings. She has presented training about elder abuse/elder maltreatment among African Americans and about adult protective services in Korea , Japan , and Puerto Rico, and in 43 of the 50 states in the United States . She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, which is located at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Griffin is a member of statewide task forces on aging service programming rural interdisciplinary health care, mental health planning, and public health service delivery in North Carolina. She is a founding member of the UNC Institute on Aging, the North Carolina Gerontology Consortium, and also serves on several statewide inter-university planning boards.

Dr. Griffin received her BA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and her MSW from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill . She earned her doctorate from the University of Houston.

Several of Dr. Ward Griffin's most recent publications include:

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