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Oliver WilliamsKarma A. Cottman
Executive Director
DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Washington, DC

Ms. Cottman has worked in the domestic violence field since 1994. She currently serves as the Program Director for the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) where she supervises the NNEDV Fund state coalition and transitional housing technical assistance projects in addition to the Direct Assistance Initiative. She works with numerous national partners to address emerging issues in domestic violence service provision and sits on several national committees. Ms. Cottman also works to ensure that federal legislation is responsive to the needs of all domestic violence survivors. Prior to joining NNEDV, she served as the co-director of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Rural diversity Initiative. In this capacity Ms. Cottman assisted with the development of a community assessment tool that was used to identify service gaps in numerous local Florida communities. She spearheaded efforts to address these service gaps and mobilize community efforts.

Ms. Cottman has conducted numerous local, statewide and national trainings, organized and facilitated national conferences and provided trainings, and provided technical assistance to local domestic violence shelters, transitional housing programs and state domestic violence coalitions.