Fatherhood &
Domestic Violence

Fatherhood & Domestic ViolenceFathers contribute to the well-being of their children and female partners when relationships are healthy and loving. Yet research indicates that in high conflict relationships when fathers are abusive to their female partners and/or their children, victims suffer short-term and long-term physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual affects of the abuse. Even during separation and divorce, abusive fathers may still have contact with their former partners and children because the courts, mother, or children choose it. What should our helping systems consider in order to protect and support women and children when domestic violence occurs? What can be done to encourage healthy, non-abusive behavior among fathers with a history of violence and abuse? IDVAAC is working, in collaboration with organizations across the country to develop strategies and support mothers and children of domestic violence while encouraging batterer accountability, non-abusive behavior, and positive contributions of fathers to the well-being of their children.